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​Sparkling wine brands available to buy in Sri Lanka

Nothing says celebration better than a glass of fizz! The golden bubbles rushing over your palate, the elegance of a champagne flute… it’s all part of the charm. Opening the doors to the world of sparkling wine can be just as interesting as their less fizzy counter partners.

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5 days ago

​Red Wine Brands Available To Buy In Sri Lanka

Full of flavour, body and mood, red wines go best with evening relaxation or a stunning meat or game dish. From Rioja to Bordeaux, Chianti and more, here at Wine World we love a good solid red.

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6 days ago

​Rum Brands Available To Buy In Sri Lanka

White Rum, Dark Rum, Spiced Rum, we love it all, and if you love your cocktails and the taste of Caribbean, then you’ll want to stock your spirit cabinet with a few rums ready and waiting to tempt guests with.

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9 days ago

​Bourbon brands available to buy in Sri Lanka

This classic American whiskey is a must for any drinks cabinet. Barrel-aged and made primarily from corn, bourbon has been being distilled since the 18th Century and is the perfect partner toc one unwind in the evening. In our latest blog, we discover two of the team's favourite bourbons.

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12 days ago

Wine World Connoisseur Series: Organic Wine Buying Guide

Once on the fringe of consumer concerns, organic food and beverages are becoming necessities for living well. If you’ve already switched to buying organic food, you’ll naturally wish to turn to organic wine too.

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19 days ago