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A Beginner's Guide to Wine Tastings

You don’t have to keep up with the professionals during your first wine-tasting event, but here are some helpful tips that will help you get through your first wine-tasting event while ensuring you enjoy yourself.

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24 days ago

The Difference Between Cognac And Brandy

Cognac originates from the Cognac region in France, while Brandy doesn’t have a particular region and can be made anywhere in the world. Both spirits are made from grapes, usually derived from white wine. Cognac is one of the oldest spirits in the world and is generally found in some classic cocktails.

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29 days ago

Easy & Delicious Vodka Cocktail Recipes with Ingredients Easily Accessible in Sri Lanka

They say cocktails, we say where?!

Want to be the talk of the party by treating your lovely guests to some delicious easy-to-make cocktails?

We’ve put together this simple blog especially for all those who love to experiment! Look no more and read on to learn about creating amazing vodka cocktails with ingredients easily available at your local grocery store. Be your own bartender for the day, grab your favourite Vodka and concoct these delicious beverages.

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2 months ago

A Two-Minute Guide to Dry and Sweet Wines

Different wines have different sweetness levels. Any wine lover or connoisseur knows that, unless of course, if you’re a beginner.

Instead of reading the long, descriptive essays on how to tell if a wine is sweet, dry or in-between, this quick two-minute guide will give you the low-down on the basics.

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3 months ago

Quit Wine-ing, Find Something That Suits You!

Do you ever just sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine – only to find out you don’t like how it tastes?! It could either be too dry or too sweet or just not right. To find the best bottle of wine, understand your palate first.

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4 months ago