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A Beginner’s Guide to Champagne

Champagne is popularly known for being consumed at celebratory occasions, because what better way to sparkle it up, than to sip a bit of bubbly? The satisfying pop of a champagne bottle being uncorked certainly adds elegance to it.

However, there is much to be considered when purchasing a bottle of champagne that go past this basic factor. From different tastes, to etiquette and popular brands of champagne, the maestros at Wineworld, disclose this information to you, so you know what goes into the fizzy glass of joy that is in your hand!

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4 days ago

Wine World Connoisseur Series: Danushka Othnapitiya's Guide To Starting A Wine Collection

https://wineworld.lk/winesNext up in our Wine World connoisseur series, we catch up with the Head of Marketing for imported Wines and Spirits at Rockland to get some top tips on how to start a wine collection.

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4 days ago

Tropical Big Batch Vodka Cocktails Recipes

The perfect drink for an afternoon soiree or extended evening of fun; make sure you get the flavours just right by choosing the freshest and juiciest fruit, while premium spirits like Beluga Vodka and Colombo 7 Gin, available to buy online are known to improve the drink.

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10 days ago

Awesome Big Batch Tequila Cocktails Recipes

Nothing works better than melon juice on hot, humid days to cool you down in Sri Lanka; combine this delicious fruit into a big batch cocktail to excite your taste buds with this refreshing twist on big batch Tequila and Mezcal cocktails!

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11 days ago

Seriously Good Big Batch Whisky Cocktail Recipes

Big batch whisky cocktails incorporate some favoured island fruits such as lemons, limes and passion fruit which is freely available making for a zesty pairing of spirits. A hit amongst your guests, these easy to whip up cocktails rely on the freshness of ingredients and quality of the liquor; especially since you can now get premium whisky and bourbon online, check out our collection available to buy online.

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13 days ago