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Sweet Vermouth The Ideal Digestif

Vermouth stands out amongst the range of aromatised vines and is a favourite ingredient in cocktails. While regarded as an aperitif blanc vermouth is the ideal after dinner drink.

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13 days ago

The Best After Dinner Liqueur

The smooth bitter flavour of an Italian Amaro makes it the perfect aromatic spirit to end a good meal. This ideal after dinner digestif is made from a lush blend of herbs and spices such as, rhubarb, myrrh, cardamom, aloe, camomile and the most important saffron; ingredients do vary according to brand.

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16 days ago

Wine Pairing Ideas For Lemon Meringue Pie

A good wine when paired with dessert works wonders to both uplift the mood of your company and add that finishing glow to a good meal. An Australian Sauvignon Blanc offering a tinge of sweetness or smooth Chablis are tried and tested white wine to pair with your sweet treat, while a Moscato will no doubt be the sweetest finishing touch to your evening.

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19 days ago

Wine Pairing Ideas For Sesame Soy Salmon

Relaxing with a glass of red wine as the sunsets is the perfect elixir to rejuvenate your mood. While a chilled Chardonnay, the best French white wine a heavier pinot noir will both uplift your mood and add some glam to your meal.

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25 days ago

Cognac Is The Best After Dinner Drink

Pleasant company and a hearty meal must not be dismissed after dessert; you need to extend the pleasure of the night’s company with a good after dinner drink like cognac.

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28 days ago