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International Rum Day Cocktail Recipes

Of all the alcoholic beverages out there everyone will agree, that rum is one spirit that is laced with romanticism, owing to its association with the Carribbean and of course, pirates. Well, for whatever reason that you love rum, today is your day! Happy Rum Day (August 16)! In celebration, we’ve selected some awesome rum cocktail recipes that can be put together in a jiffy with our best Rum selection. Here’s to Rum!

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3 days ago

An Introduction to Speyside Whisky

Scotland is renowned for its Scotch Malt Whisky and one of its most celebrated regions is Speyside. For a sub-region of the Scottish Highlands it is somewhat surprising just how many celebrated distilleries there are in such a small area. Though little has changed in the area itself, the whiskies to originate there can boast a range of different characters.

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11 days ago

Best Cocktail Punch Recipe

One of the most popular house party drinks, a good fruity punch made with a juicy red wine is hard to beat. We find a gorgeous merlot pairs well with the fruit juices to bring out bitter-sweet earthy flavours.

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18 days ago

A Beginner's Guide to Wine Tastings

You don’t have to keep up with the professionals during your first wine-tasting event, but here are some helpful tips that will help you get through your first wine-tasting event while ensuring you enjoy yourself.

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26 days ago

Make Your Next Holiday Party Memorable With Easy Food Pairings For A Classic Martini

A classic Gin Martini can be paired with more than that green olive. Check out our excellent martini party food ideas for you next big party where Martini is the star drink.

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1 month ago