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Sri Lankan Arrack Cocktail Recipes

Sri Lanka’s drinking culture has largely revolved around the iconic local arrack for several years. A distinct and rich liquor, arrack is made from the fermented sap of the coconut flower. Although many people enjoy arrack on its own, the liquor can be mixed with tropical fruits, wine-based spirits and syrups to create a smooth, refreshing blend. Channel your inner bartender and try your hand at making and tasting these arrack cocktails.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Different Types of Wine Glasses

Do you know how many types of wine glasses there are? Do these glasses actually change how your wine tastes or is it simply to please the eye? This beginner’s guide to different types of wine glasses will help you understand just exactly why you shouldn’t be drinking wine from the bottle or a teacup! (P.S. We’ll heavily judge you if you drink wine from the bottle).

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15 days ago

Which Wine Is Better Than Your Partner?

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23 days ago

Ten Wine Facts To Impress Your Dinner Guests

You may be a wine aficionado, or you may just want to pretend you’re one for the night, especially if you’re entertaining guests with a carefully selected meal and bottle of wine that you probably spent half the day trying to pick.

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2 months ago


This the season to be drunk on desserts! Christmas is the season of joy and we’ve got a delicious list of alcohol-spiked desserts to make the season merrier!

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3 months ago