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Thursday, April 6th, 2023

Wedding Cocktails Ideas

If you have made elaborate plans for monogrammed napkins, personalized photo booth and signage, why stop the personalization there? Keep on going and make your wedding day truly bespoke by creating signature wedding cocktails to be served all night at the bar. Read on to discover our top tips on how to create a signature wedding cocktail that fits your wedding celebrations and you two as a couple.

Getting the Sri Lankan wedding celebrations started with a signature wedding cocktail

Wedding Cocktails Ideas – Where to start when putting a signature cocktail together

  • Decide how many to serve.
  • Make a list of some of your favourite flavours and drinks.
  • Read some cocktail recipe ideas for inspiration
  • Contact Wine World concierge service for their input on putting together a fabulous cocktail especially for your wedding.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavours or try Big Batch cocktails
  • Don’t get hung up on the flavours
  • Consider the taste preference of your guests

How many cocktails should you have on your wedding bar menu?

Share the big day and serve a cocktail for him and a cocktail for her! Afterall, It’s not just about one person’s day, it’s about the bride and the groom. Many couples look to prepare a signature cocktail that would capture the theme rather than aiming to pair certain flavours. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick a cocktail that captures each of your fun and quirky sides. The groom may want to serve his signature old fashioned, while you may be leaning toward something different like a Mojito. In the spirit of compromise, serve both! And don’t worry about overwhelming the bartenders. It’s best to select a cocktail that can be made quickly so as to allow as many of your guests to enjoy them. There’s nothing worse than a long que at the bar.

Start with your go-to cocktail

If you’re only armed with amateur drink-making skills, start by considering the flavours and drinks you gravitate toward on an average night out. In general, cocktails will fall into four categories. Strong like a Manhattan, sour like a Tom Collins, sweet like a French martini, or low alcohol, with something like a sparkling wine as the base.

Wedding Cocktails – Selecting Interesting Flavours

If you’re a vodka soda kind of girl, use that as the base and then add flavours to make it more complex. Sherry wine and herbs are also popular in the mixology realm. Going with a Gin based cocktail? Consider tossing a sprig of rosemary or sage to your final product as a tasteful garnish and flavour booster.

Wedding Cocktail Ideas – How to incorporate your theme

Leaning on your favourite signature drink is yet another way to tie the evening together. Some couples like to have a cocktail that can be paired with the food menu or a dish that is being served. Consider the wedding menu, the venue, and your overall style. Sometimes all it takes is a simple swap in glassware to make a wedding cocktail fit your big day. Sometimes a very basic drink like a vodka gimlet, served in a martini glass, garnished carefully, could become a fancy drink.

Consider your wedding guests

While it is true that this is your wedding day, your guests may not have the same tastes. Try to create a cocktail that’s both interesting but appeals to the palate of the majority of the guests. Think spirits like vodka, rum, gin and whiskey. Even if you create a cocktail that is to die for, not everyone will be a fan. It is normal to assume everyone will have one or two cocktails, but people who will often drink beer, wine and non alcoholic juices as the standard go to. It would be safe to plan for two signature wedding cocktails per guest.

Don’t get hung up on wedding colour theme

Your wedding colours may be chocolate and champagne, but that doesn’t mean your drink needs to have the same shades. Consider bringing your colours through with garnishes—say a strawberry for that pop of red—and bar accessories like straws and napkins.

Talk to a Wine World Concierge about supplying your bar

When putting your cocktail together it’s also important to consider where you would source your spirits from and in what quantity. If you’ve set your heart on a mix where you can only get your hands on one bottle then, it would mean scrapping and starting over. Liaise with the team at Wine World or head over to our website www.wineworld.lk to check out our wedding bundle packages which include wine, champagne and spirits.

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