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Concierge Policy

1. Wineworld.lk concierge service ships to your doorstep and our services are strictly for those of age 21 years/ above.

2. Concierge charges are calculated based on the location and the weight of order.

3. Colombo 1-15 & Colombo Suburbs, concierge services will be completed within 2 to 4 working days (excluding Sunday and excise holidays). And Colombo other within 5-7 working days (excluding Sunday and excise holidays)

4. Please do stay alert and answer the phone calls by the concierge during the expected dates of delivery for successful & timely completion. In the instance the concierge’s calls are missed, the completetion of the service will be moved on to the next availble slot. (Extra charges may apply)

5. Concierge services shall only be performed within excise working hours 09.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m. every working day. Orders will not be released on Sri Lankan excise holidays.

6. As per the excise laws of Sri Lanka one order/ purchase cannot exceed below mentioned quotas for local or imported alcoholic beverages:

  • Local Spirits – Order needs to be below 7.5 liters per order
  • Imported Wines & Spirits – Order needs to be below 80 liters per order

7. ID verification must be produced at the point of recepit.

8. Please note that above mentioned timelines can vary in the situation of an emergency/crisis that maybe outside the control of WineWorld.lk.

9. Always check that the received items are as per your order requirement at the point of recepit, for more information on the importance of this step read our Returns & Refunds Policy.