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Place an Order

To place an order online with Wine World,

1. Register with a user account on our website. This can be done by clicking the “My Account” button, and then proceeding to “Create an Account”.

2. By logging onto the site you are acknowledging that you are 21 years and above, and therefore of legal age to shop for alcohol as per the Excise Law in Sri Lanka. ID verification will be requested at point of receipt.

3. Browse the site and add items to your cart. You can view your cart by clicking on the “basket icon”

4. Once the shopping is complete you can then proceed to checkout.

5. As per the excise laws of Sri Lanka one order/ purchase cannot exceed below mentioned quotas for local or imported alcoholic beverages:

  • Local Spirits – Order needs to be below 7.5 liters per order
  • Imported Wines & Spirits – Order needs to be below 80 liters per order

6. Please note, that completing an order on wineworld.lk means that you have only engaged a ‘concierge service’ to procure for you certain products.

***Wineworld.lk at no point has ownership of the goods and is exclusively performing concierge services . ***