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Thursday, April 6th, 2023

International Rum Day Cocktail Recipes


Of all the alcoholic beverages out there everyone will agree, that rum is one spirit that is laced with romanticism, owing to its association with the Carribbean and of course, pirates. Well, for whatever reason that you love rum, today is your day! Happy Rum Day (August 16)! In celebration, we’ve selected some awesome rum cocktail recipes that can be put together in a jiffy with our best Rum selection. Here’s to Rum!

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A classic rum cocktail or a hurricane in a glass?

The following Sailor Jerry rum cocktail is tropical, refreshing and sweet. Just the thing you need on a scorching day. Here’s how to put together your hurricane cocktail.

What you’ll need to make your Sailor Jerry Hurricane Cocktail

2 parts Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

1 part passion fruit puree

1 part lemon juice

½ part simple syrup

It only takes just two minutes to put together this simple rum cocktail

Add all ingredients to a hurricane glass.

Fill with crushed ice and swizzle and you’re done! Sip Away!

Swashbuckling spirited classic rum cocktails with Mount Gay Rum

Think palm trees and sandy beaches in the West Indies with Mount Gay rum right? Exactly what we did too! That’s why we singled out this Mount Gay Rum cocktail recipe to bring the spirit of Barbados to your home.

The backstory of the Mullins Beach Mount Gay Rum cocktail recipe

In case it sounded familiar Mullins Beach is a famed Barbadian paradise. The cocktail aims to capture the essence of this famous beach. Boasting of vanilla and banana with underlying notes of caramel, summer fruit, and spice, Mount Gay Eclipse is the perfect central spirit that brings this drink together.

You’ll need the following for your Mount Gay Rum cocktail recipe


1.5 oz Mount Gay Eclipse

.75 oz Vanilla Syrup

.5 oz Lime Juice

Ice Cubes

Sparkling Water

Here’s how a modern rum cocktail comes together

Serve all ingredients over ice cubes in a tumbler glass stored in the freezer. Stir with a bar spoon. Top up with sparkling water and sip!

Another Caribbean adventure with Pyrat Rum

Hailing from the small Caribbean island of Anguilla, which is beloved for its seafood it’s also known as the Caribbean’s culinary capital. It goes without saying that the locals have a fine taste for good drink and food!

Make a tasty rum cocktail with Pyrat Rum
The Pyrat XO Reserve Rum is a smooth, sweet rum with orange notes and hints of spices and oak and is the perfect compliment to the flavours in a Pyrat Sangria.

What you’ll need when assembling your Pyrat Rum Cocktail

1½ oz. Pyrat Rum,

4 oz. red wine,

½ oz. orange liqueur,

5 oz. cranberry juice,

2 oz. orange juice

A splash of pineapple juice.

Get your cocktail shaker for some rum cocktail action

Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a large glass. Garnish with fruit slices, if desired. Boom! An explosion of flavours in your palate.

Going local with Rockland White Rum
So our final cocktail suggestion for this special Rum Day celebration, we chose a rum that’s close to our own beautiful shores, Rockland White Rum. We’ve found that sometimes the good old classic rum cocktails are really our favourite go-to drinks! So in case you didn’t know already, here’s how a classic Pina Colada is put-together.

Grab these ingredients for your Pina Colada

120ml pineapple juice

60ml Rockland white rum

60ml coconut cream

wedge of pineapple, to garnish (optional)

“It’s time to start celebrating international Rum Day”

Pulse all the ingredients along with a handful of ice in a blender until it’s smooth. Then pour the mixture into a tall glass and garnish as you like.

Enjoy your Rum Cocktail Recipes and we hope you have a great Rum Day

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