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Thursday, April 6th, 2023

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2022

The Best Wines and Spirits Gift Guide for the Coolest Dads on Father’s Day!!

Our Dad’s will always be our heroes. While he may occasionally let some awkward dad joke slip out, occasionally wear a cringey T-shirt, or waste time yelling out at a cricket match; deep down, you know he’s a cool dad with a great taste for Wines and Spirits.

Your dad deserves the best!! and we are here to help you out. The trick is to get him a gift that’s equally as cool as it is thoughtful. Here we’ve rounded up the best Father’s Day Gifts for every kind of dad who love Wines and Spirits.

1. Dads who love Arrack

Made from the Sap of the coconut flower Arrack is the most popular Spirit in Sri Lanka loved by almost all of our Dads. Whatever your budget is you can find a great Arrack to gift.

Wine World Pick : Ceylon Arrack VAT 9 Special Reserve

2. Dads who love Whisky

You can’t go wrong with a good whisky. Whether its a local blend or an imported whisky make sure you gift your dad the best this father’s Day.

Wine World Pick :Canadian Club 5 years WhiskyKincarden Blended Scotch Whiskey 1 L & Old Keg Double Blend

3. The Single Malt Drinkers

Some Dad’s prefer only Single Malts. If that’s your dad then he has a sophisticated palate which should only receive nothing but the best single Malt this Father’s day.

Wine World Pick : Glenfarclas 10 Year Old Single Malt WhiskyGlenfiddich Project XX & Balvenie 17 Yrs Single Malt Whisky

4. Dads who love Rum

For its array of styles and tastes and its never-ending versatility having so many uses in so many drink combinations Rum is a perfect gift for Dad.

Wine World PickRockland White RumSailor Jerry Rum & Plantation Original Dark Rum

5. Dads who love Gin

Dad’s who like to Gin knows how to let the fun beGIN 😉 .

Wine World PickBrokers London Dry GinColombo 7 Gin 700ml & Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice
Sometime Gin Needs a companion. Checkout Pelican Island Tonic for the best Gin and Tonics.

No matter what you gift your dad his love for you will never change. We hope you can make his day extra special by gifting him his favorite Wine or Spirit.