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This wine has a strong smell of ripe black currants mixed with cedar, cloves, and violets. It tastes round and full, like baked plums, and it has a good balance of chewy tannins and not too much acidity.

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Located in Listrac-Médoc, Château Clarke is a famous vineyard owned by Baron Benjamin de Rothschild. He got it from his father, Baron Edmond de Rothschild. They’ve been making special kosher wines since 1986, but this is the first time they’ve made a kosher version of their best wine.

This wine is a deep red color, almost like royal purple. When you smell it, you’ll notice scents of crushed raspberries, ripe purple plums, cassis (a type of blackcurrant), a bit of smokiness, and the aroma of freshly rolled cigars.

When you take a sip, you’ll find that it’s not too heavy; it’s medium to full-bodied. The fruit flavors are pure and clear, and it feels smooth and almost velvety in your mouth, but not too strong.

The taste is like the smell, with rich red fruit, black currants, and a hint of tobacco. As you keep sipping, you might notice a taste like graphite (a type of carbon), earthiness, minerals, and even the flavor of Cuban cigars. It has a medium level of acidity, which makes it refreshing, and the tannins (the texture you feel in your mouth) are fine and smooth. The wine leaves a long and elegant aftertaste with hints of dark chocolate.

In simple terms, this wine is expertly made, elegant, and has a refined character. It’s a bit like a wine with a noble personality, and it’s definitely something special.

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Edmond De Rothschild




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