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Thursday, April 6th, 2023

Celebrate National Mojito Day With An Easy To Make Mount Gay Rum Mojito Recipe

They say it was one of Ernest Hemingway’s favourite drinks. Indeed, there is nothing better than a long and refreshing Mojito to unwind on a sunny afternoon. With Mojito day just around the corner (11th July 2020), we thought, we’d bring you this simple yet classic recipe. So, grab your muddler (or a rolling pin) along with a bottle of Mount Gay Rum Eclipse (700ml) Barbados and let’s make mojito.

Home Made Mount Gay Rum Mojito Recipe

First of all, you need to assemble the ingredients for your Mojito.

Mojito Recipe Ingredients

  • Freshly squeezed lime juice (about 40 ml)
  • 60ml Rum
  • Sugar syrup (14 ml)
  • Fever Tree Soda Water Mixer
  • Couple of healthy size sprigs of mint leaves
  • A lime wedge

How to mix your Mount Gay Rum Mojito

Preparing your mint
Pick a dozen or so of mint leaves from the stem and carefully drop them into a highball glass. Press the leaves ‘gently’ with your muddler or simply the end of your average rolling pin. Note the emphasis on ‘gently’? You should aim to release the oils from the mint leaves and not the bitter tasting chlorophyll.

Measuring your rum

Measure out 60 milliliters of your Mount Gay Rum Eclipse Barbados and pour it into the glass. Stir and add your lime juice and sugar syrup.

Crushing your ice

Next, grab a scoop of crushed ice and drop those into the glass. Crushed ice is an important ingredient in a classic mojito. You don’t need a fancy ice crusher.

Get a plastic bag of ice, cover it with a tea towel and proceed to beat the ice with your rolling pin. But, make sure that the ice is still chunky. You need ice pieces not slush.

The Mojito mix

Stir your drink and those ice cubes with some vigour. You need to give it a good swirl. Add more ice until it is nearly (but not quite) overflowing. Pour in your fizzy soda, stir some more and garnish with the lime wedge and an extra sprig of mint.

Here’s to a Happy Mojito Day! Head over to our social pages and don’t forget to share your Mojito cocktail photos with us @wineworldsrilanka #wineworldsl