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Thursday, April 6th, 2023

Bourbon Brands Available To Buy In Sri Lanka

This classic American whiskey is a must for any drinks cabinet. Barrel-aged and made primarily from corn, bourbon has been being distilled since the 18th Century and is the perfect partner to help one unwind in the evening.

Two of our favourite bourbon whiskeys you can order online in Sri Lanka are…

Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Buy Jim Beam Bourbon

This world renowned Bourbon is one that deserves a place in your spirit cabinet. On the nose it’s young and warm with notes of corn bread muffins, candy corn, spice, ginger, and a touch of white pepper. On the palate it’s light and caramel like with a touch of brown sugar. The finish lingering and peppery.

Makers Mark Bourbon Whiskey

Buy Makers Mark Bourbon Whiskey

This classic Bourbon makes for a fantastic reward after a long hard day. On the nose it’s rich and fruity with notes of spice, honey, zest, hazelnut and an oaky backbone. On the palate it’s rich and full with touches of rye, spice, barley malt, nuts and butterscotch and vanilla. The finish is both sweet and spicy.