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Colombo 7 Gin 50ml Miniature

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Colombo 7 Gin 50ml Miniature
50ml | 1918
LKR 3,070.00

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Country United Kingdom
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Size 50ml
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A hefty dose of sugar sweet juniper greets the nose, joined by a spice that is zesty and bright, rather than curried. Colombo No.7 smells like an honest to goodness gin, redolent of bright purple juniper berries and tropical forests.

Tasting Notes - Juniper leads the way to taste, with liquorice and angelica lending an earthy, almost dusty sweetness and a soft mouth. Cinnamon sings loud and bright, though doesn’t whip at the tongue in a typically barbarous manner, instead conspiring with the ginger and curry leaf to bring a fragrant warmth and depth.
Coriander seed rounds out the flavour, bringing a hint of citrus and nuts and prolonging the finish.

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