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White Lady Cocktail

White Lady Cocktail

5 months ago

The White Lady Cocktail is a blast of citrus. Also, called the ‘Delilah’ or the Chelsea Sidecar. The latter is because this is a classic sidecar drink made with gin instead of brandy. Replacing sugar with triple sec is what makes the cocktail different to a gin sour.

Who Invented The White Lady Cocktail?

Well, there are a few theories.

One claims Harry MacElhone to be the inventor of the drink, when he made it at Ciro’s Club in London in 1919. The original version used crème de menthe, which was replaced with gin in 1929. Oh, and The Savoy’s former head barman, Joe Gilmore says this was Laurel and Hardy’s favoured drink.

How To Make A White Lady Cocktail



Shake all ingredients in a shaker. First shake with ice then dry shake (without ice). Add some lemon zest and serve in a martini cocktail glass. A champagne coupe if you use the egg white.

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