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Wine World selects the top films and documentaries wine lovers need to watch

Wine World selects the top films and documentaries wine lovers need to watch

4 months ago

If there’s two things we love, it's food, drink and entertainment so when our favourite things collide, only good things can happen. It's not difficult to see why moviemakers and content makers are attracted to make films about wine. Not only does wine taste amazing, it comes from fantastic locations with breathtaking vineyards and there’s often a pretty amazing backstory behind them.

When it comes to locations it’s easy to close your eyes and be transported to a land of rolling hills, sunsets and castles. Filmmakers have continued to integrate wine into their masterpieces over the years, with the drink taking center stage in a wide variety of genre-focused films and docuseries. In this article, we take a look at some of the best films and documentaries of all time that are focused around Wine!

Wine World’s Selects The best films and documentary series on wine

The Secret of Santa Vittoria (1969)

During World War II, the German army occupied Santa Vittoria, an Italian hillside city. The troops want the region's precious wine to be seized, but the devious, often-inebriated mayor (played by Anthony Quinn) and townspeople conceal a million bottles in a cave. The movie is was based upon Robert Crichton's bestselling book.


Sideways (2004)

Miles is an aspiring writer while his friend Jack is an actor who is soon to be married. To celebrate his bachelor's party, they take a road trip through the Santa Ynez Valley wine country. Most of the fun is to be found in the peculiar relationship between Jack and Miles –Sideways is also a thorough examination of friendships, midlife crises, loneliness, marriage, and, yes, the consequences of drinking a little bit too much.


Red Obsession (2013)

A new company has entered the wine market in the last few years: China. Not only does the country manufacture lots of wine and own lots of vineyards, its people have learned to love it too, with the Chinese expected to be the second-largest user of wine by 2020. This is the subject of Red Obsession, a documentary from 2013, narrated by Russel Crowe, this documentary tells the story of China's epic growing appetite for wine.

Mondovino (2004)

Mondovino's is a documentary, directed by Jonathan Nossiter. His knowledge and appreciation of wine and all oenological things come to light in this interesting dive into the wine-making world. Through visiting vineyards in France, California, Italy, and New York, Nossiter's film examines what 'going global' actually means for the international wine industry, with deforestation and political conflicts emerging as main topics between big business and small businesses.


A Good Year (2006)

Russell Crowe plays a ruthless investment banker inheriting a chateau in Provence from his mother. The green, peaceful vineyards are not combining with his hard-driving life. But something happens as he sets about renovating the estate, he notices a new beauty in the rhythm of life in Provence and in the people he encounters. Suddenly his city-slicker lifestyle doesn't all seem so perfect.


A Walk in the Clouds (1995)

The visually stunning romantic drama stars Keanu Reeves, Anthony Quinn, and Giancarlo Giannini. It's about a young soldier coming home from the Second World War who is looking to settle down and start a family with the woman who was impulsively married just before he enlisted. He meets a lovely young woman along the way. When he discovers that she is pregnant and that her fiance has deserted her, he offers to stand in as her husband, so that she can face her domineering father.


Bottle Shock (2008)

Alan Rickman portrays Stephen Spurrier, the English wine merchant who created the “Judgment of Paris”, the legendary blind tasting of 1976 that pit American wines against the best of France. The event was undoubtedly paving the way for today's global wine market and opening up 'new world' wines to consumers who previously considered only French wines.


Year of the Comet (1992)

The movie focuses on Margaret Harwood, a wine taster sent to the Scottish highlands to test a new very rare bottle of wine bottled during the 1811 Great Comet. Harwood is given a kind of bodyguard to accompany her, portrayed by Tim Daly. Although the pair is like chalk and cheese, they finally hit it off in true Hollywood style.


Somm (2012)

Four wine stewards prepare to learn everything about wine as they get ready for the master sommelier exam, one of the world's most challenging tests, which is presided over by the notoriously secretive Court of Master Sommeliers. Somm is worth watching if you are interested in learning about wine, but it’s also a fascinating analysis of those who aspire to become a Professional Sommelier.


A Year in Burgundy (2013)

The film centers around seven wine-making families in France's Burgundy region, and delves into the creative and cultural process of winemaking, as well as its deep connections to the estate. After watching this movie, you're never going to look at wine the same way again.