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The Ever Popular Gin Martini Cocktail

The Ever Popular Gin Martini Cocktail

4 months ago

A London dry gin like Colombo no.7 is what gives this classic cocktail, paired with French dry vermouth its smooth taste. Stirred over ice, the cocktail is strained into an icy cold cocktail glass and garnished with lemon zest or the classic olive.

How Did The Gin Martini Evolve?

The Martini is believed to be a derivative of the Martinez Cocktail which was popular in the 19th century. At this time it was typically based on a sweet gin.

Types Of Martini

Dry Martini has a low percentage of vermouth. Maybe a 6:1 ration or less gin

Dirty Martini is made ‘dirty’ by stirring in some olive brine into the martini and gin. And to make a Gibson you garnish the drink with a pickled onion

Wet Martini is made with more vermouth. A 3:1 ratio of gin to vermouth

Classic Gin Martini Recipe



Fill a shaker with ice and pour in gin and vermouth. Stir then strain into a martini glass garnish with the olives and lemon twist.

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