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Let’s Celebrate Margarita Cocktail Day!

Let’s Celebrate Margarita Cocktail Day!

5 months ago

But Wait, How Was The Margarita Cocktail Created?

What’s your favourite Margarita cocktail recipe? Margarita Cocktail Day falls on February 22nd.

Hailed as a classic Mexican cocktail, the Margarita, made from Tequila, that all time Mexican spirit, has its roots as a Mexican – American drink!

‘Margarita’ is the Spanish word for ‘Daisy’. Daisy is a drink famous in America but made with brandy. David Wondrich, cocktail historian, says the Margarita was born when the Daisy was made with tequila instead of brandy, in Mexico. This was during prohibition in the USA, a time people went across the border in search of alcohol.

As the drink increased in popularity, myths about its invention were born. There are plenty of stories, as delicious and popular as the drink, with only a few even having roots in Mexico! Listed below are a few of our favourites.

How was the Margarita Cocktail Created?

The Story Of The Allergic Dancer And Who Invented The Margarita Cocktail

Located in Rancho La Garcia, the Tijuana Restaurant’s owner, Carlos ‘Danny’ Herrera lays claim to inventing the drink in 1938. His inspiration was a fussy dancer who claimed she was allergic to all spirits except Tequila. However, she did not want tequila straight, hence the invention of the Margarita! Herrera who lived to be a 90, narrated this story claiming he invented the cocktail instantly, with even his obituary mentioning the fact.

The Ms Margarita Who Invented The Margarita

Okay, so while Herrera seems to have proved the benefits of alcohol towards a long life, his story of inventing the Margarita cocktail is contested by a lady who says the drink was not only invented by her, but bears her name!

American socialite Margarita Sames, says she invented the popular cocktail in1948, when on vacation in Acapulco. Also, her pal Tommy Hilton, of the well-known chain, even put this cocktail on the hotel chains bar menu. But there’s a loop hole. Jose Cuervo a popular tequila brand was already running a campaign – in 1945 – which said ‘Margarita, its more than a girl’s name’.

More Beautiful Women The Margarita Was Invented For

Danny Negrete said he invented the cocktail for his sister in law, as a wedding gift. Danny also worked at the Agua Client Race Track, where a rising young star called Margarita Cansino often performed. Name doesn’t ring a bell? Try Rita Hayworth!

Then there’s Don Carlos Orozco, who says he invented the drink in 1941 for the daughter of the German Ambassador who visited his bar. Her name Margarita Henkel.

Lets Just Be Glad The Margarita Was Invented!

While we may not be able to establish who invented the Margarita Cocktail. There are some final facts to consider. While tequila is that quintessential Mexican spirit. The Margarita is not loved by the locals.

The rest of the world does though! Cheers to that!