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Interesting Facts About Hendricks Gin - Drink Trivia

Interesting Facts About Hendricks Gin - Drink Trivia

25 days ago

Loyalists in the field of gin drinking, consider brand choice to be a very serious factor. And amongst all the desirable blend of flavours out there, one sure winner is Hendricks Gin!

Hendricks over the years, since its launch in 1999, has garnered a devoted league of gin drinkers, promoting itself under quirky taglines such as ‘undeniably peculiar, utterly delicious’.

And a curious brand it is; but what makes Hendricks ‘a gin made oddly’, so desired and, well...odd? Read on and find out.

Hendricks Gin Gets Its Characteristic Flavour From Two Different Stills

Two stills are used by Hendricks to give its gin that distinct flavour. One is a traditional copper still similar to those used at most distilleries. The other is a Carter-Head type still, which is equipped with a copper basket to hold the botanicals during the distillation process.

Hendricks Gin Is Produced Sparingly

Now here’s the secret to that impeccable flavour you get from every bottle of Hendricks Gin. Only batches of 500 litres are made at a time. Master distiller at Hendricks, Lesley Gracie claims this controlled production ensures quality in every bottle.

Cucumber And Blossoms Create The Magic Taste!

Roses and cucumbers render that unique taste to Hendricks Gin. That plus 11 other botanicals, consisting of orange, coriander, juniper, orris root, lemon, angelic, carraway seeds, cubeb berries, elderflower, chamomile and yarrow.

Cucumber And Rose Give Hendricks Gin That Classic British Vibe

Wanting to create a quintessential British personality, Hendricks turned to a typical British Garden for inspiration, and yes! Cucumber sandwiches enjoyed in a rose garden were first thoughts!

Apothecaries From The Victorian Age Were Inspiration For The Hendricks Bottle Design

Victorian era apothecaries used dark coloured glass bottles to store precious liquids, that needed to be shielded from light. Thus, Hendricks created that bespoke dark blue bottle for its precious gin!

The Oldest Woman In Scotland Gave Hendricks Its Name

Janet Sheed Roberts, from the William Grant family, named the brand ‘Hendricks’, after a skilled family gardener. Janet Sheed Roberts was not only the oldest member of the Grant family, but aged a 110 when she passed away in 2012; making her Scotland’s oldest woman at the time.

Hendricks Gin Belongs To The Best Whisky Making, Grant Family

Hendricks Gin is made by William Grant & Sons, producers of the worlds best scotch whiskies. Especially single malts like The Balvenie and Glenfiddich. Grants are also credited with producing the popular Monkey Shoulder blended scotch, Tullamore DEW, Drambuie and Irish Whiskey.

Hendricks Is A ‘Young’ Company Owning An ‘Old’ Still

Hendricks was launched in a south Scottish distillery in 1999, however, the Bennet still used to produce the gin was made 139 years before in London in 1860.

Hendricks Chief Distillers Past Is As Flavourful As The Gin She Produces

Lesley Gracie, according to popular rumour, used to brew up concoctions of various herbs since the age of 4. Not gin though, she would brew tea out of various plants she found and serve it to her family.

The Perfect Hendricks Gin Recipe Was Brewing From 1998 To 1999

Charles Gordon owned the stills where Hendricks started out, he was responsible for bringing Lesley Gracie in to conduct trials on the stills. It was only in 1999, that the roses and cucumber mix created the perfect match, and thus the distinct flavour of Hendricks Gin was born!