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What kind of Gin drinker are you? Take the Wine World Gin Lovers test today

What kind of Gin drinker are you? Take the Wine World Gin Lovers test today

4 months ago

So what kind of gin drinker are you? Clearly we have a little too much time on our hands right now so the team at Wine World HQ have come up with a fun gin drinkers quiz game to test Wine World Members dedication to one of our favourite drinks, the almighty and powerful one that we call, Gin!

Gin Drinkers Quiz Game: What kind of gin drinker are you

Are you going to announce your final score as an “adventurous risk-taker”, a “classy traditionalist”, whatever the outcome, we’ll still love you!

Find out for yourself by taking the Wine World’s Gin-Lovers' version of "Would you rather”.

Here's how to play “What kind of gin drinker are you?”

  1. Contact your Gin Lover buddies and set up your SOCIAL conferencing party room.
  2. We recommend zoom.us or Skype for they allow you to present slides and share your screen with a number of your friends at the same time. Download this to your phone or computer. (You’ll need an internet connection)
  3. Don’t show them this article (this one is super important). We recommend setting up a slide show in powerpoint, Slides or keynote with each question on a different slide that you can present to the room.
  4. Make yourself your favourite Gin and dial in your buddies.
  5. Pick your answer to each question then see how many points each person in the group gets for each answer at the end of the list.
  6. Share your answers with us Facebook @wineworldlk or on Instagram @wineworldsrilanka

TIP: Before you contact your pals, view our full range of Gin available to buy in Sri Lanka and check out some of our gin blogs from the Wine World archives.

Wine World Presents - Gin Quiz “What kind of gin drinker are you?”

  1. Would you rather… drink your Gin and tonic
    a) Warm
    b) From a good ol’ mug

  2. Would you rather…. try
    a) The most expensive Gin in the world?
    b) The world’s oldest gin ever?
    c) The world’s most innovative gin made by robots?

  3. Would you rather…drink Gin made from
    a) Elephant dung
    b) Lobster
    c) Cannabis oil-infused gin or hemp
    d) Never drink a flavored gin ever again

  4. Would you rather…. garnish your gin tipple with
    a) A pickled onion?
    b) A slice of lime?
    c) Sweet strawberries?
    d) A sliced red chili and stick of lemongrass?

  5. Would you rather:
    a) Never have ice in your Gin and Tonic ever again OR
    b) Never be able to pick your gin again?

  6. Would you rather…
    a) A lifetime of totally over the top Freakshakes - at least they’d be different and exciting and every time!
    b) A lifetime of neat gin – who needs extras?
    c) A lifetime of three classic gin cocktails, on rotation.
  7. Would you rather…lose your
    a) Cocktail shaker
    b) Favorite gin glass?

  8. Would you rather…?
    a) Bake a lemon drizzle cake soaked in gin
    b) Cure a salmon with gin spiked in chil
    c) Bake pink gin cupcakes topped with gin icing and raspberry
    d) Eat crisps.

  9. Would you rather…
    a) Not have pink gin ever again
    b) Not have tonic ever again
    c) Give up cocktail syrups forever
    d) Not have a non-flavoured, traditional gin ever again

  10. Would you rather… Make your own
    a) color-changing gin
    b) Pink gin
    c) Sloe gin
    d) Gin using garden botanicals and home-grown juniper

Add the score for your answers, then sum up your total to expose your personality below!

1: a = 3 points; b) = 1 point

2: a = 2 points, b = 1 point , c = 4 points

3: a = 4 points, b= 2 points, c = 3 points, d = 1 point

4: a = 2 points; b = 1 point; c = 3 points; d = 4 points

5: a = 3 points b = 1 point

6: a = 3 points, b = 1 point, c = 2 points

7: a = 1 point, b = 4 points

8: a = 2 points, b = 4 points, c = 3 points, d = 1 point

9: a = 2 points, b = 4 points, c = 1 point, d = 3 points

10: a = 4 points, b = 3 points, c = 1 point, d = 2 points

10-14 points

Reliable, transparent and truthful, your tastes show you as a fan of the classics of the time! You know what you want and you don't see the need to follow trends.

15-20 points

The classic know-how. You are elegant and intelligent, in your drinks or in your lifestyle you do not need fussy flavours. You're probably dressing up like you're in Mad Men and you can suit up with five of your favorite retro cocktails.

21-30 points

Simple, easy and fun-loving. You're the friend everyone wants to have around on a Friday night to have a drink with! You're the first to express your love of sweets whether it's cookies, drinks or gin tipples-with your friends.

31 points / more

Your outgoing attitude and enthusiasm of new things-from your travel adventures and favorite food to your drink preferences, it's all about the fun. Not afraid of a dare, you still have a great story to share about the weird and wonderful things you've done!