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Gin Cocktail Recipes Recommended by Colombo no.7 Gin

Gin Cocktail Recipes Recommended by Colombo no.7 Gin

2 months ago

Planning an elegant drinks party? Or a quiet evening at home with your loved one after a long day at the office? Whatever you’re up to, be sure to entertain your guests like a pro with these tasty Gin Cocktails that have been carefully selected by the team from Colombo no.7 Gin.

Ideal for gin lovers and those who appreciate an exotic cocktail, these gin cocktail recipes are simple to make and nothing short of delicious.

We called on our good friends from Colombo no.7 Gin to assist us in creating this insanely tasty article on the best gin cocktail recipes that you can make from the comfort of your own home.

For those of you who don’t know, Colombo 7 Gin is a London Dry Gin, with a recipe hailing from the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka, but distilled and bottled in the UK. Yes, that’s right, they didn’t just poach the name Colombo because it sounded good. Colombo Gin is a genuine product of Sri Lanka and furthermore, it recently won GOLD in the World Gin Awards! #GoSriLanka!!

But what does it taste like, we hear you ask? Colombo Gin is a spirit that promises notes of sweet juniper, angelica and liquorice with subtle flavours of cinnamon, coriander seeds and ginger to make this a zesty and bright liquor that delivers a pleasant and subtle kick.

Colombo no.7 Gin Recommend - Essential Gin Cocktail & Mixer Recipes

Negroni The Classic Italian Cocktail - Recommended by Colombo No.7 Gin

Negroni has been an all time favourite. It’s a bitter-sweet cocktail made with gin, vermouth rosso and Campari. Served garnished with an orange peel for the perfect Negroni is an aperitif. NOTE: The proper way to make a Negroni is to build it up on ice and have it shaken, not stirred!

Who Invented The Negroni?

The drinks origins are not fully established. The most credible version of its invention comes from Florence, Italy in 1919. The Caffe Cassoni, now called Café Roberto Cavalli is where Count Camillo Negroni, is said to have created the drink when he asked the bartender to make his favourite cocktail the Americano, stronger. Bartender, Fosco Scarselli, did so by substituting gin with the usual soda, and an orange garnish instead of lemon.

The Classic Negroni Recipe


  • 25mls Campari
  • 25mls Colombo 7 Gin
  • 25mls Rosso Vermouth or Dolin Rosso Vermouth
  • 1 orange peel to garnish


In a tumbler or ‘rocks’ glass pour the gin, Campari and martini rosso over ice. Shake and garnish with orange peel.

The Ever Popular Gin Martini Cocktail - Recommended by Colombo No.7 Gin

A London dry gin like Colombo no.7 is what gives this classic cocktail, paired with French dry vermouth its smooth taste. Stirred over ice, the cocktail is strained into an icy cold cocktail glass and garnished with lemon zest or the classic olive.

How Did The Gin Martini Evolve?

The Martini is believed to be a derivative of the Martinez Cocktail which was popular in the 19th century. At this time it was typically based on a sweet gin.

Types Of Martini

Dry Martini has a low percentage of vermouth. Maybe a 6:1 ration or less gin

Dirty Martini is made ‘dirty’ by stirring in some olive brine into the martini and gin. And to make a Gibson you garnish the drink with a pickled onion

Wet Martini is made with more vermouth. A 3:1 ratio of gin to vermouth

Classic Gin Martini Recipe


  • 90 mls Colombo 7 Gin
  • 15 mls dry vermouth
  • 3 olives skewered to a cocktail pick to garnish
  • 1 lemon twist


Fill a shaker with ice and pour in gin and vermouth. Stir then strain into a martini glass garnish with the olives and lemon twist.

The Ever Popular Ramos Gin Fizz - Recommended by Colombo No.7 Gin

This summery drink is also called the New Orleans Fizz and Ramos Fizz. Made with gin, lime juice, lemon juice, sugar, egg white, cream, orange flower water and soda. The sugar must dissolve before adding ice. This is the emulsifier which cooks the eggs. Here we look at a derivative of the classic Ramos Gin, the Rhubarb And Rose Gin Fizz.

Who Invented The Ramos Gin?

Henry C Ramos of course! It’s said that Ramos invented the drink in 1888 at his bar, The Imperial Cabinet Saloon, located on Gravier Street in New Orleans.

The Romantic Rhubarb And Rose Gin Fizz

Some home made rhubarb syrup adds a pink blush to the drink made with rose water instead of orange blossom water. The rich creamy texture of this drink makes it an ideal replacement for dessert!

Recipe For Rhubarb And Rose Gin Fizz


  • 60mls Colombo 7 Gin
  • 15mls lemon juice
  • 15mls lime juice
  • 200mls rhubarb syrup
  • 5mls grenadine
  • 1 to 2 drops rose water
  • 25mls double cream
  • 1 egg white
  • Soda
  • Dried rose petals to garnish

Rhubarb Syrup:

  • 250g caster sugar
  • 250g rhubarb


To make the rhubarb syrup, heat the oven to 180C, add sugar and rhubarb to a baking dish, top with 250mls water and bake for 30 mins. Strain out juice and set aside to cool.

Next, pour all ingredients, except rose petals and soda, into a cocktail shaker, minus ice, and shake. Next open shaker, fill with ice and shake, for as long as possible. Strain into a chilled glass and top up with soda. Serve garnished with some small rose petals to add a magical, romantic finish.

Sake And Gin Martini – The Saketini! - Recommended by Colombo No.7 Gin

An amalgamation of sake and martini, the Saketini is made with gin, sake and lemon peel.

Who Invented The Sake Martini?

Chef Matsuda from Queens is credited with inventing this drink in 1964 at the World Fair. The drink only regained prominence in the 1990’s.

Recipe For The Sake And Gin Martini


  • 50mls Colombo 7 Gin
  • 50mls Sake
  • Lemon peel


Fill a shaker with ice; add the gin and sake and shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with lemon peel.

The Quintessential English Garden Cocktail - Recommended by Colombo No.7 Gin

Classic British ingredients go into the creation of this all-time favourite cocktail. Gin, cucumber and elderflower are all you need. This drink is so easy to whip up, and it can be made into a jug by multiplying the ingredients by the number of guests you are serving.

How To Whip Up An English Garden Cocktail

Ingredients: (for 1 serving)

  • 50mls Colombo 7 Gin
  • 25mls Elderflower liqueur
  • 75mls Apple juice
  • 10mls lime juice
  • A few cucumber ribbons to garnish


In a cocktail shaker, shake all ingredients with ice, leave out cucumber. Strain it into a tall glass that’s topped up with ice. Garnish with cucumber ribbons to add a classic British finish.

East India Gimlet - Recommended by Colombo No.7 Gin

The East India Gimlet is a derivative of the classic Gimlet Cocktail. A gin lover’s absolute favourite, the drink is made with 2 parts gin and just a dash of lime.

Who Created The Gimlet?

There are a few theories to the creation of the drink. The name is believed to be an imitation of the tool; ‘a gimlet’. Which is associated with drilling holes and being ‘sharp’ as the cocktail itself is.

The second theory to its creation is that Rear Admiral Sir Thomas Gimlette KCG, of the British Royal Navy invented the drink, as a means of getting sailors to take lime juice to avoid scurvy.

Now let’s add an exotic Indian twist to this classic drink and create the East India Gimlet!

How To Mix A East India Gimlet


  • Pinch of dill and a sprig to garnish
  • 1 lime wedge
  • 50mls Colombo 7 Gin
  • 50mls lime cordial
  • 2 dashes of celery bitters


Add ice to a coupe glass. Pour in some soda to help it cool down fast. Add a dash of dill, gin, lime cordial and squeezed lime wedge to a shaker; top with ice and shake hard. The purpose is to chill the drink to max and water it down. Empty the glass of ice and liquid and strain in the drink. Garnish with dill and serve.

White Lady Cocktail - Recommended by Colombo No.7 Gin

The White Lady Cocktail is a blast of citrus. Also, called the ‘Delilah’ or the Chelsea Sidecar. The latter is because this is a classic sidecar drink made with gin instead of brandy. Replacing sugar with triple sec is what makes the cocktail different to a gin sour.

Who Invented The White Lady Cocktail?

Well, there are a few theories.

One claims Harry MacElhone to be the inventor of the drink, when he made it at Ciro’s Club in London in 1919. The original version used crème de menthe, which was replaced with gin in 1929. Oh, and The Savoy’s former head barman, Joe Gilmore says this was Laurel and Hardy’s favoured drink.

How To Make A White Lady Cocktail


  • 45mls Colombo 7 Gin
  • 20mls Cointreau
  • 20mls fresh lemon juice
  • Egg white (optional)
  • 10mls sugar syrup


Shake all ingredients in a shaker. First shake with ice then dry shake (without ice). Add some lemon zest and serve in a martini cocktail glass. A champagne coupe if you use the egg white.

Limoncello And Thyme Collins - Recommended by Colombo No.7 Gin

Limoncello is a lemon liqueur which is mostly made in south Italy. Next to Campari, Limoncello is Italy’s most popular liqueur.

Here we give you a lovely cocktail twist to try with the zesty liqueur. While you can buy the classic liqueur, it’s better to make Limoncello at home (super easy).

How To Make Limoncello And Thyme Collins


  • 10 lemons
  • 700mls Absolut Vodka
  • A few sprigs of thyme (optional)
  • 300g caster sugar

For The Cocktail:

  • 35mls Colombo 7 Gin
  • Soda
  • Sprig of thyme
  • Slice of lemon


To make the Limoncello, peel and remove the white pith from lemons. Then add the peel to the vodka. Put thyme too if using and keep the bottle in a dark place for 2 weeks. Shake the bottle daily.

After 2 weeks, put the sugar in a pan with some water (300mls) dissolve sugar to a syrupy consistency. Strain the vodka; remove lemon rind and thyme and pour into a sterilised bottle with the sugar syrup. Shake well and leave overnight.

To make the cocktail all you do is add the Limoncello and gin to glass filled with ice. Top up with soda and garnish with lime and sprig of thyme.

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