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Gin Cocktail Recipes Recommended by Colombo no.7 Gin

Planning an elegant drinks party? Or a quiet evening at home with your loved one after a long day at the office? Whatever you’re up to, be sure to entertain your guests like a pro with these tasty Gin Cocktails that have been carefully selected by the team from Colombo no.7 Gin.

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24 days ago

Negroni The Classic Italian Cocktail

Negroni has been an all time favourite. It’s a bitter-sweet cocktail made with gin, vermouth rosso and Campari. Served garnished with an orange peel for the perfect Negroni is an aperitif.

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27 days ago

The Ever Popular Gin Martini Cocktail

A London dry gin like Colombo no.7 is what gives this classic cocktail, paired with French dry vermouth its smooth taste. Stirred over ice, the cocktail is strained into an icy cold cocktail glass and garnished with lemon zest or the classic olive.

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1 month ago

The Best Red Wine To Pair With Red Lentil Curry

Relaxing with a glass of medium bodied red wine as your fragrant curry simmers on the stove is the perfect way to end a busy day. A young Syrah or Chianti Classico will pair well with our red lentil curry. Shop the range at Wine World and find the best wines to pair with curry, whether your relaxing or entertaining.

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1 month ago

Remy Martin Cognac Chocolate, Cheese And Cigar Pairing Ideas

One of the finest drinks in the world by a country mile is Cognac and no one does it better than Remy Martin. In the eye of the French, it's a drink reserved to be enjoyed after a meal but we're often happy to bend the rules every now and then, just to be able to enjoy this tremendous drink more often.

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2 months ago