Varietal: Cognac    Size: 750ml   

The Legacy While a life is counted in years, Louis XIII is enjoyed over centuries. 150 years went by between the foundation of the House of R Martin in 1724 and the birth of Louis XIII. From 1821, Rémy Martin III blended the first reserves of old eaux-de-vie to prepare for the future. His son, Paul-Émile Rémy Martin, inherited this know-how and this passion. As the culminating point of a life dedicated to cognac, he created Louis XIII and officially registered the brand name in 1874. Result of four generations of Cellar Masters, Louis XIII is a unique blend of 1,200 eaux-de-vie, all from Grand Champagne, and aged in tieçons, century-old casks made from Limousin oak.

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Varietal : Cognac
Brand Name : LOUIS XIII
Size : 750 ml
Product Code : 1493

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